A week of two halves.

This week couldn’t have been more contrasting if it tried.  The first 3 days was constant rain, high winds with frequent gusts up to or at 150 km/h, hail coming in sideways and fast, and some thunder and lightning thrown…

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Is this the start of something wonderful?

It is always questionable as to when to start the growing season.  But today is as good a time as any.  Today is the shortest day and the thing to do on the shortest day is to plant onions.   I…

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Seeds and bugs

The first seeds of the season have been sown, with love and care and great expectation. But then disaster struck.  Actually, it isn’t as bad as that, but it is extremely frustrating.  I have picked up some kind of cold…

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Well autumn aye?!

I always find this a strange turn of seasons. Especially because the transition is so vague. Spring is cut and dried. We are so over winter that we are happy to declare the 1st of September the first day of…

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