A new start?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the opportunity for a fresh start seems to make more sense.  It is the middle of winter, and everything is dormant or done and as the year gets going things wake up or are restarted.  Here,…

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New Year – it is what it is

I delayed sending out my Happy New Year message.  I wanted to take the perfect picture to go with it.  However the New Years Day dawn didn’t have the same glorious magic as the Boxing Day morning did.  There was…

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Is change afoot or will it be the same old same old?

Caught in the ‘in between’ week, this year, with just days to spare, and a whole new year set to take its place.  It isn’t difficult to begin navel gazing and thinking about how next year is going to be…

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Someone stuck a festive period in the middle of my growing season.

I spend all winter dreaming of my perfect garden.  I put things in place to improve on last year.  Mistakes were learnt from.  I carefully selected seeds and dug sodden, cold dirt and carefully removed all trace of weed so…

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The happiest of New Years to you

We are midway through the best summer holiday in years.  The main reason is the sun has blessed us with its presence.  Last year the break at the beach was memorable because of its absence.  In exchange we spent the…

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