Word for 2020: Overcomer

Things haven’t been off to a great start.  2019 ended promising with the early discovery and treatment of the Tomato Potato Psyllid.  Last year, due to the holidays I found it too late and I fought a brave and brutal…

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It’s never too late

Three hundred and fifty five days ago I publicly declared that I was going to conquer my incompetence with citrus trees and vowed to keep one alive.   I’ve killed so many over the years that my reputation proceeds me and…

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Navel Gazing

Ok I’ve put it off far too long.  I need clarity.  I need resolutions.  This January is drifting off from its New Year’s mooring and 2016 has set sail.  I appear to be dithering about on the gangway wondering what…

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I haven’t forgotten my goals.

While in a completely relaxed state of mind I plotted and planned to become more sustainable this year as my New Years Resolution.  Then I announced it to all and sundry.  So now I have to see this through to…

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