Sorting out the watering

(A paid post with the good people from GARDENA NZ) The thing I love about the garden is there is always something new to do or discover.  But the knock on effect of this is there are some things that…

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When does the new season start?

This is always a bit of a grey area as to when the new season starts and the previous one ends.  It makes sense to think that when harvesting stops from plants planted in the spring is a logical end,…

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After the drama of the Great Water Escape over Christmas when we lost over 30,000 litres overnight thanks to a tap fiddler, I’ve made a few changes.  The leak wasn’t intentional as the tap didn’t immediately gush with water and…

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Spreading the love

With the summer holidays fast approaching the lawn becomes more than the grassy area between the house and the garden.  Being the only flat area of land we actually have, it is quite useful.  It started out flat and grassy…

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