Garden Planning – the Final Push

Sector 4 is all fruit so no planning needed there – all I have to do before the season changes is evict the aging three year old strawberries and replace them with their offspring runners to keep the production of…

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Planning the Garden – Sector Three

Sector three was once the outer edge of the garden.  I’m not entirely sure how it has become part of the heart of the garden, but I think I may need a fence.    I’m really pleased with my sector systems…

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Fluffy soil

I feel like I’m chasing my tail at this time of year.  One moment I am so in control I loudly declare “I’m the most spring ready I’ve ever been!” and I am genuinely shocked at how in control things…

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And another season clocks in

It is so easy to see life passing by when the seasons anxiously waited for, although some with greater excitement than others.  And so we wake up today, firmly in the grasp of winter.  Although having said that it isn’t…

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It can’t be a frost outside, winter is still three days away!

And I wasn’t ready for it.  I had my eye out for it, as everywhere south of us had snow.  We never get snow, but I don’t know if I should be happy about this or not.  I’ve never had…

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Goats love Kale.

Don’t panic, this isn’t going to be a story of dread, terror and frenzied destruction. Dawn broke this morning on to what I hope will be a perfect day as this day is special.  It’s not any old day –…

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