Getting Salty

This weekend I did something I’d been putting off for absolutely ages.  During the summer I grew French Red shallots.  Every year I hold back my biggest and replant them in the hopes that I end up with something a…

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Another week that disappeared in blur in activity

I’m not sure what is up with time lately.  One moment it feels like it is dragging and taking forever to pass and the next I find myself dazed and exhausted days later and shocked to find it is Friday!  …

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Pickled Avoidance

I have been determined to get things straightened out ready for the spring.  However, my biggest weakness is procrastination and the bigger the mess the more likely I will put things off.    The most pressing need right now is the…

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Pickled Onion Problem

I had a bit of a problem.  Well it was a good problem, but with a knock on effect that turned it into a not so good problem.  But in terms of real life serious problems it is hardly a…

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Odds and Sods

Sometimes it feels like my life is being narrated by the blogging ideas going on in my head.  A lot of the time it is just a short simple thought that really doesn’t have the substance behind it to be…

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