Spring Ready

There are only three days until spring and I am super excited.  I have been working so hard recently to get the garden ready for the next stage in its journey.  I have also been working hard to try and…

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Dome Done

I knew it would be a big job, that’s why I’d been putting it off.  I started half heartedly a week ago, just sorting the clutter that had built up on the benches and trying to find homes elsewhere for…

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A lesson in why you shouldn’t procrastinate

So, I’m making great progress with my To Do list. I’ve been ticking off things left, right and centre in the computer gardening department and we can firmly lay that at the feet of the rainy days we had this…

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Week 2 of the last month of winter

The weather has been exceptionally strange – it has felt more like Late Spring than Late Winter.  The boffins are suggesting a bit of a seasonal reset will be happening soon and normal winter conditions will return.  But they have…

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Another new month.

What is it about the passing of time that sets of fear in my heart?  Yet another chunk of my life is passing me by and what am I doing with it?  According to my ever growing ‘to do’ list…

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