Taking a hard line with my soft fruit

The soft fruit in my garden have been on a bit of a journey.  One that began in a place of unfamiliarity and good intentions and a bit of a learning curve.  Now they are on the straight and narrow…

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I thought it was going to snow.

Oh my gosh it was so cold!  The temperature plummeted this afternoon to 8.5°C.  While that may not be cold by most folks standards, it is for us!  Areas barely south of us (well areas at least 160km south east…

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How is it July is nearly over?

It has been unseasonably warm and I found myself in a tee shirt – in the middle of winter!  Mind you I was working pretty hard.  Slightly panicked by the thought of July having almost passed us by in the…

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Snippety snip, chippety chop

With a brief instruction from some lovely lady on a You Tube video, I felt confident enough to give all the lavender a brutal haircut.  I’m the kind of person that really needs to see something done so I can…

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Things to do in the garden

I didn’t do anything in the garden for two main reasons. Number one – The temperature dropped quite dramatically.  We have been used to a quite balmy 15°C average so far through most of the winter and when the sun…

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It was such a lovely hole.

Well … I’ve been true to my word.  The weather has done nothing but shine and I have made the most of it!  My promised sunny days came with the bonus of starting a day earlier than predicted.  The weather…

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