Not all that glitters is gold

I’ve been a round the gardening block for ages, and I’ve learnt things.  Many things.  But still I fall into traps, make mistakes and don’t follow my own advice.  One of the things I say often to many people –…

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But what about the pumpkins?

 The seeds were sown the other day, more than a few weeks beyond when I would have normally sown them.  But I’m not worried because not only is their bed not ready, it hasn’t been filled or even built because…

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The Donkeys Egg

I have a vague recollection from when I was a kid.  There were these school books we had to read to help us in our journey towards literacy.  There were a few books in the series, filled with short stories…

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A giant adventure of the pumpkin kind

When it was brought to my attention that there was to be a Giant Pumpkin Carnival, I thought that would be a great day out for the family.  Hubby the Un-Gardener was more sceptical, and wondered what else was I…

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Guilt free in the garden.

I wake up at night in a sweat.  My pumpkins.  My poor pumpkins.  They are bound and constrained in their pots.  They should be free.  I lie there and worry about finding time to give them their freedom before it…

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