Queen of Hearts

October is such a gauntlet to run for us.  With birthday’s, school holidays and then the obligatory back to school haircuts, stationary kit refresh and new shoes, the garden can become a little neglected.  Not intentionally, but life can get…

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Rhubarb Cordial

While it was windy the other week, lately it has been so calm than it would be easy to rebuke the naysayers who frequently declared “ohh it will be windy there.”  If you only came to visit once and it…

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Radish Relish

Radish is a quick and easy crop, and this is where the flibbertigibbet of season worked in my favour.  I was late getting them in and ordinarily the weather warms up and then all they do is bolt to seed…

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Marrow Chips

Is that even a thing?  Well it is now, especially in our house as I crunch my way through a bowl of deliciousness.  With the holidays behind us and routine returning to normal, much to our surprise the sun decided…

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