Epic visit

This is not how I meant to start the year.  I have dropped the ball and started to fall by the wayside.  But I had a very good excuse.  I somewhat foolishly decided it would be a good idea to…

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Caught between two storms

I am determined not to moan about the weather this year, but to be honest it leaves me no choice.  We got home on the 4th of Jan, and it has done nothing but rain or be gloomy and bleak. …

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A new start?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the opportunity for a fresh start seems to make more sense.  It is the middle of winter, and everything is dormant or done and as the year gets going things wake up or are restarted.  Here,…

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Hot buttered toast with a good blob of Black Currant Jam

A lot of things are demanding my attention in the garden at the moment as the festive season neglect is slowly coming to an end.   I’m torn between doing a systematic overhaul one bed at a time so the garden…

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