Rhubarb Cordial

While it was windy the other week, lately it has been so calm than it would be easy to rebuke the naysayers who frequently declared “ohh it will be windy there.”  If you only came to visit once and it…

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Recalibrating flavour – kicking the packet

After the trip to the supermarket the other day, in the naive hope I would find the answer to my local needs, through buying things we don’t normally buy, I have to concede we’re on the right track anyway with…

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Digging up dinner.

Of late our diet has been a long way from what we are normally accustomed to.  To start with we were kitchen-less and it seems to have been for a very long time.  We started out in the balmy long…

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The rat that drowned.

I haven’t been in the garden for ages – not since I managed to mow on the weekend.  Hang on – that was only five days ago!  It feels so much longer.  But not being able to garden for five…

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Oh what a stunning day.

This morning we woke to a heavy frost and clear blue skies, but strangely it wasn’t at all cold.  There didn’t seem to be that chill factor that normally accompanies a frost.  It is quite strange, it’s been like it…

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A is for Asparagus and Artichoke

If some of my plants were animals I would have been reported to the SPCA! They are sorely neglected and are only just noticeable in among a thriving crop of weeds. But it’s not my fault – really… Asparagus, Globe…

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