It’s Shrinking

After last year’s seed order postal debacle, I decided to plan the garden earlier this year, and get my seeds ordered in good time, just in case.  Having said that, The Palace project has held me up a little bit,…

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Making Hay While the Sun Shines

… And hunkering down when it’s not.  It has been a difficult week.  There were days when the sun shone down on us like it was spring and days that felt like winter was making us pay for some unknown…

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A week of two halves.

This week couldn’t have been more contrasting if it tried.  The first 3 days was constant rain, high winds with frequent gusts up to or at 150 km/h, hail coming in sideways and fast, and some thunder and lightning thrown…

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And so, in summary.

You may be wondering where I was over the last week.  Certainly not in the garden.  I have been nursing a bog-standard ordinary head cold.  So, the last week after all that effort of trying to #MakeMayCount came to nothing…

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The last week of May

As I have sunken my teeth into a large project, with a couple of minor projects on the go, a few projects I’m champing at the bit to start, and a veggie garden that is largely under control as it…

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