Today in pictures

Today is Friday and the end of the week.   The work in the garden has cranked up a notch and now instead of just potting about fiddling with this and tinkering with that, it has become heaving lifting, ardous weeding…

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Well that didn’t quite go to plan – I blame it on the worms

Today was an amazing day, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and once it warmed up, it was the perfect gardening day.   Once I took care of everything indoors, I headed outdoors with a plan.  I was going…

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I’m growing spuds…. in winter!

I was at the garden centre the other day and noticed the craziest thing.  There were loads and loads of seed potatoes on sale.  Now I’m pretty sure this isn’t the season for potatoes, but I had my judgement questioned. …

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