Today we are having a quick look at my spuds

I’m just a tad crazy busy at the moment, enjoy the spuds on this almost wordless Monday. Come again soon – life will settle down soon. Sarah the Gardener : o )

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Finally Peas Reign in my Garden

After and extraordinary amount of rain, and a crazy week filled with so much non gardening, and chuck in a couple of sick kids and my gardening action has been somewhat limited.  However a break in the weather and a…

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I Made a Mistake

Months ago back in the autumn I wasn’t thinking.  I definitely wasn’t thinking of the convenience of my spring self.  And now my spring self is a little disappointed with my autumn self. You see I grow wheat each autumn,…

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Road trip – no, make that a global tour! The Growing NOW Garden Tour

Welcome to the final installment of the Growing NOW Garden Tour.  For those of you who have been following along on the tour, the last post may come with a degree of sadness. The lovely Beth Billstrom from More than…

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Wanna hear a riddle?

Do you know the one about the carrot? Well actually, it is not all that funny.  I take my carrots very seriously indeed.  So while I was still in the construction mood and the throbbing in my thumb from the…

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