Dirty Goodness

There is nothing that makes this girl happy like a load of dirt.  Well actually well-rotted manure would do it too!  To be honest, a house right now would put a smile on my face and I never say no…

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Before and After

Today was one of those amazing blue sky days that winter graces us with from time to time.  There was not a cloud to be seen and not even a puff of wind.  Out of the shadow a warmth from…

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Some things just don’t belong on a list.

I have a dreadful problem with procrastination, especially if it is a task I don’t want to do, or I get the idea for something but decide it isn’t important enough to go at the top of the list.  Then…

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Seriously – I should not be allowed near stores with gardening supplies.

Hubby the Un-Gardener wanted to pop in to the local ‘red shed’.  This is a nickname for a very ubiquitous chain of stores that contain everything imaginable and funny enough are painted red.  These stores have somehow managed to embrace…

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