Well the Supermarket was a good place to start, or not….

Day 1:  We are going to starve to death!  Well we would if this is how we are going to sustain ourselves for the next 30 days as we attempt to only eat local within 200km from here.  I expected…

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Seriously – I should not be allowed near stores with gardening supplies.

Hubby the Un-Gardener wanted to pop in to the local ‘red shed’.  This is a nickname for a very ubiquitous chain of stores that contain everything imaginable and funny enough are painted red.  These stores have somehow managed to embrace…

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I forgot autumn gets cold!

I’m still in bed, the sun has come up, but it is cold.  It’s the first morning where I have actually noticed the cold, even before getting out of bed!  The kids are moaning about the cold and Hubby the…

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