The Late Spring Harvest

Finally I’ve been in the garden, and it was about time too!  Slowly but surely I eased myself back into it like a swimmer trying to get into a freezing cold pool.  I didn’t want to rush and set myself…

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Why is it still raining?

Although I have to say – it hasn’t been continuous – there have been dry bits.  It’s just there has been some rain EVERY DAY!  But still – it’s supposed to be summer – you know – ice cream cones,…

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All I want is a little bit of spinach – is that too much to ask?

The few weeks back I spied some self-seeded spinach in the “Leafy Greens” bed and I thought “sweet – I’ll let those grow!”  And grow they did.  When they got big enough, I dug them up and spaced them out…

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