The best time to plant a tree is now.

Arbor Day is a long held tradition in this country.  People have been planting trees to mark the occasion since 1890!  There was even a time when people were given the day off school and work to go off and…

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The sun feels so warm against my face as I work in the garden and it feels so lovely.  But the sharp breeze and the chill in the shade quickly reminds me winter isn’t all that far way.  Normally I…

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Irrigating the Garden

When you have a garden as large as mine, ensuring it is all properly irrigated can be a little overwhelming.  To be fair, over the years I did my best with what I could to set up systems and deliver…

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Off with their heads

I’m starting to get the hang of this flower garden thing.  Especially with my fabulous organisational sector system.  Instead of being rather low on the priority list – because they are only flowers, they now get seen to every Friday. …

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Rain on a summers day

I’m not moaning, but this summer has really not been what you imagine summer to be. It has been cold and miserable and I have done nothing but complain about it for weeks. And then we had the storm. But…

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A clean sweep

Now the garden is all planted out… well mostly so it’s close enough, and the sector system is working well.  I was able to whip around today’s sector in no time at all, leaving the afternoon free for something else.  …

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