Progress feels good.

I’m really starting for make some great progress in the garden and the feelings of being overwhelmed are slipping away. There are some seriously dodgy areas that have gone way out of control and some pretty big projects on the…

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Wednesday didn’t Count.

I set off into the #MakeMayCount with a whiz and a bang with a superhero mentality of all things are possible.  In my head I can see each of the projects I want to achieve broken down into individual chores…

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Investing in a colourful future

We are now closer to the start of winter than we are to the end of summer, and just to prove the point wintery weather made its presence felt as if to taunt us like some kind of bully.  “I…

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The only wool to be pulled over my eyes from now on is mostly likely to be a warm beanie!

No matter how deluded I try to be, there is too much going on for me to believe myself any more. What the heck am I going on about?  Well basically, despite the last week of gorgeous blue sky sunny…

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