Thursday already

I hate it when a week disappears out from under me, doesn’t it know I have plans.   Some of the week was spent not gardening because the weather was awful – we had a huge storm – right in off…

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You turn your back for a few days…..

For a deeply obsessed gardener there is no good time to go on holiday as there is always something to do or something to watch out for.   But I took my hand off the controls at what seems like a…

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Storm Pollinated Sweetcorn

You can always tell it is a good time to harvest your sweetcorn when you notice the rats are getting into it!  I have a bit of a rat problem, but I am currently deliberately feeding them with goat food,…

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After the storm

This week has been awful.  The boffins had mentioned it, but often they are wrong, so I take the forecast with a pinch of salt.  Especially as the weekend was so magnificent.  It was warm – the kids went swimming. …

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How bad can it be?

A few weeks I asked this question in jest in response to the winter weather conditions.   I now know exactly how bad it could be.  We have just been through a terrible storm and it would seem it isn’t called…

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Storm weeding

This is the absolute best kind of weeding there is.  After a period of sustained torrential rain the soil becomes so moist deep down that even the nastiest weed like dock weed slips right out of the ground with the…

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