Caught between two storms

I am determined not to moan about the weather this year, but to be honest it leaves me no choice.  We got home on the 4th of Jan, and it has done nothing but rain or be gloomy and bleak. …

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A new start?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the opportunity for a fresh start seems to make more sense.  It is the middle of winter, and everything is dormant or done and as the year gets going things wake up or are restarted.  Here,…

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Just add water.

This summer has been hot and dry.  The last decent deluge was back in December when I despaired that my young plants would be ruined – stricken with fungal disease before they even got started.  But alas no, they pulled…

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New Year – it is what it is

I delayed sending out my Happy New Year message.  I wanted to take the perfect picture to go with it.  However the New Years Day dawn didn’t have the same glorious magic as the Boxing Day morning did.  There was…

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