Looking forward

As exciting as 2018 was, I’m not all that keen to repeat it.  I think you should probably limit the number of dramatic upheavals in a lifetime.  Now we have found this beautiful spot and put in all this hard…

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Planning the Garden – The Back Row

I tend to be a bit of a creature of habit and once I’m on to a good thing, then I don’t tend to change much and the beds that form the rest of sector one are of the ilk…

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Control at last

Finally, the weather blessed us with a fabulous weekend.  It was hot, blue sky amazing and perfect for time in the garden.  You could almost see the plants breathing a sigh of relief as they stretched out their leaves to…

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Sector Two

I’m quite pleased with my routine schedule for the garden.  In the past, I’d wander around aimlessly until I found a chore that needed doing, couldn’t be ignored anymore or was really easy and there was no real focus.  The…

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Blast from the past: When gardening isn’t gardening at all

Sometimes it is a good idea to look back in time to see how things were at the same period years ago.  It is interesting to see four years ago some things were very much the same yet others were…

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Smack bang in the middle.

According to the calendar we are in the middle of summer.   I have mixed emotions about this as if half of summer has just gone, then we have been ripped off big time because the weather has been completely rubbish. …

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