Cement is not essential

Except it is for me…  I need it.  But here in lockdown level 4 the local shops aren’t selling it.  All I can hope is we nip this thing in the bud – and all signs show we can, and…

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Spring starts this week

That heading has so many emotions all tied up in it: “Hooray the warmer weather is on the way” “…But I’m not ready…” “Ohh so much hope and expectation – surely it will be a good season” “I’m so excited…

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Plans for the week

Ok, it is Tuesday, and I may have started without you, but I think I have formulated a vague plan for the week to get ahead and become spring ready.  According to my countdown to spring giveaway over on my…

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Well, that was a surprise!

After months and months of a relatively normal existence, we find ourselves once again in lockdown.  I trust that our country is doing the right thing to keep us safe as Delta attempts to darken our door.  In the meantime,…

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Time waits for no man

And it certainly isn’t waiting for this gardener!   I have been in and out of the garden this week, but I can say without a shadow of doubt, I’m not progressing with my spring preparations as quickly as I’d like. …

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