Seasonal stuff

This is always the most challenging time of year in life and in the garden.  As we get closer to Christmas, the pressure mounts.   The start of the month is fraught with the tension of end of year deadlines that…

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Asparagus is my Rainbow

I don’t know why I was surprised when we returned from a day out to find the garden flooded again.  I wracked my brain to try and remember was the ground sticky when we’d left, or did the inundation happen…

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Sod it!

I have to say it is taking all my inner strength not to load post after post complaining about the weather.  So, I have been looking for the bright side.  Finding up beat and exciting things to share.  Doing things…

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Not again!

Cyclone Donna.  There are no words…. It started raining spits and spots at lunch time yesterday – about 20 hours ago. It isn’t expected to stop until 6pm tonight – so about 8 more hours to go. It could be…

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Stop I say… I can’t take anymore

Now I know I promised not to moan about the weather again after our particularly soggy summer.  But it would seem autumn isn’t playing fair either. In the 10 years we have been here, we’ve never seen it like this….

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OK that is it! I have had ENOUGH!

I woke up this morning and there was this strange bright orb sending laser beams onto my face making it hard to see back out the window.  It took a moment or two to remember what it was.  Oh yeah…

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