A day in the garden

It was quite an ordinary spring day.  The wind (and Fennel the Cat – she has a very loud meow and wasn’t happy the food she had been served for dinner and let me know about it at 3am) disturbed…

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There is nothing like trying circumstances to make things happen.  And as if the situation we find ourselves in right now isn’t trying enough, the step down to level 3 has meant the power company has gone back to work. …

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Nothing stands in the way of progress

Well except the cold, the wind, the rain, non-gardening work and feelings of fatigue after doing too much in a time of pleasant conditions.  I’m beginning to think I’m getting a bit soft.  I have memories of seasons years ago…

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In a season of busy

I wonder if you know how it feels…  You make grand plans for something and completely over estimate your capabilities.  But through sheer tenacity manage to make some kind of dent what needs to be done. I feel a little…

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Looking to the future

It is always the way – you just get to sink your teeth into an exciting project and something comes along and throws a spanner in the works.  We had a productive couple of days with the bulldozer sorting out…

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Potting on

As we pass the magical moment of the spring equinox which just so happens to be same day as daylight saving, we need to prepare for the inevitable.   The garden will grow this season. The rain may have delayed…

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