Spring back in time

With the weather being so horrible lately with more rain than we know what to do with, I decided to go back over my previous posts from the same time of year to see what, in an ideal season, I’d…

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Green life

In an ideal world, I would sit back and wait patiently for the water to drain away the the soil to stop making that sucking noise as it absorbs as much water as it can to store away for the…

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You can have anything for dinner – so long as it includes something from the garden – even in the middle of winter!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately planning my summer garden, contemplating the kind of garden I would love it to be, drawing inspiration from other blogs and You Tube and sorting out my seeds. I’ve been reminiscing over…

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I wasn’t intending on blogging again so soon….

….  But something exciting happened.  The postie delivered my seeds!  It’s like all my Christmas’s have come at once – even though I know what is in the package.  It’s all about what the package represents: Summer and all the sights,…

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Fruits of my Labour!

I haven’t been busy in the garden – in fact I have done nothing at all.  It is winter after all so I guess I’m allowed a few days off.  Although I have ordered my seeds for spring so they…

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Winter Spuds

It’s been three days since I last put my fingers to my keyboard and came up with a tale about my garden.  The gardening competition finished on Sunday and my last blog (number 112) was posted on their site.   The…

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