Food in Hand

The days are long, the sky is blue and the temperatures are soaring.  It is the perfect combination for the veggie garden.  I am seeing a harvest and am completely delighted.  There were a few points in time when it…

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Digging up dinner.

Of late our diet has been a long way from what we are normally accustomed to.  To start with we were kitchen-less and it seems to have been for a very long time.  We started out in the balmy long…

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I told you there was a lot of stuff in my garden….

Not a bad haul considering there is only 20 days until winter!  We have butternut squash, peppers and chillies, more beans than I know what to do with, three tiny zucchini, carrots, kale, broccoli, rhubarb and the last of the…

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Well that’s it – the last seeds have been sown.

…well maybe I’ll throw in a couple more rainbow beets as not all the colours have come out, but aside from that everything in the greenhouse is all there is going to be this season.  Oh except for the beans…

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Is Two Hundred and Ten seed packets too many?

With the new season rapidly approaching, and seed raising just a few weeks from commencing with the most sensitive peppers and chillies being the first seeds to be immersed in warm damp soil, I thought I’d better sort things out. …

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