Delivering Gold

Yesterday I participated in something pretty amazing.  I was invited to join the judging team for the New Zealand Flower and Garden Show.  It was a real honour and a privilege to be involved in this way in such a…

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It will be windy there

This is the most common comment we have heard when we tell people we have moved to the west coast.  And I have to admit that at times it can be very blowy.  Like that time our house was up…

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The Great Leveller

I am champing at the bit to start moving soil, so I can start planting out my winter crops.  But I seem to have an inbuilt self-integrity mode that just won’t allow me to cut corners in the garden.  I…

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Building beds

Sometimes life sweeps you away with what you are doing and you barely notice the passing of time.  That was how this June has been so far.  A hive of activity with the days disappearing into a blur.  I am…

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