A Day in the Life of Me

Today was a good day.  Yesterday, not so much.  MS doesn’t cope well in the heat, and it is inclined to drag me down with it, especially if I’ve done too much in the previous days.  I can end up…

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Sorting out the watering

(A paid post with the good people from GARDENA NZ) The thing I love about the garden is there is always something new to do or discover.  But the knock on effect of this is there are some things that…

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Well, that’s a tad disappointing.

It has been a long hot summer.  The kind of endless summer you remember as a kid, when the sun shines for days on end and it seems like it will last forever.  You go to bed at night with…

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After the drama of the Great Water Escape over Christmas when we lost over 30,000 litres overnight thanks to a tap fiddler, I’ve made a few changes.  The leak wasn’t intentional as the tap didn’t immediately gush with water and…

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An Ode to the humble hose.

Of all the garden tools at my disposal the one that works the hardest is the hose.   It is the font of all hydration that is not heaven sent.   Actually, all the water here is heaven sent, but the hose…

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