Weeding and building.

I am trying not to throw all my eggs into one basket as I have a lot of work to do across the garden to get it spring ready and so if I concentrate all my efforts in one area…

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Some things just don’t belong on a list.

I have a dreadful problem with procrastination, especially if it is a task I don’t want to do, or I get the idea for something but decide it isn’t important enough to go at the top of the list.  Then…

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I let the weather get the better of me.

While I started off the day, busy as a beaver, doing chores inside, the general yuckiness outside descended like a gloomy gloom.  And I’m just being a sook because the boffins are causing fear and panic down south saying an…

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Opps I’m Late

I told myself that I would take a weekly photo of the garden and post it on a Wednesday because the garden is growing so fast that the monthly one just isn’t enough to do it justice.  Since I made…

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The first fire of the season has been lit in the fire place.

You only have to take one look about outside this evening to know it’s going to be a cold one.  There is very little cloud about and the moon is already out, trying to outshine the sun and it’s not…

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Nothing like shame avoidance to bring on frenzied weeding

There is nothing like having the imminent arrival of an important guest to shake away apathy and cause a frenzy of activity.  Lately I have been a bit slack on the gardening front.  I seem to have wholeheartedly embraced the…

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