Spuds and stuff.

The garden is coming along nicely, although I would like it to be a touch faster, but there are only so many hours in the day.  I’m still convinced I’ll get there.  Having a teenager help, under duress, is filling…

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Planning the Garden – Stuck in the Middle

This is an easy sector for me to plan as most things don’t move.  There are two asparagus beds and they have already had all the attention they need for the start of the season.  All I have to do…

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The Big Picture – Part three

Finally we have reached the last part of the tour.  I do love having a large garden and eating the fruits of my labour, but I do have to say at times there is a lot of labour!  I am…

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And another season clocks in

It is so easy to see life passing by when the seasons anxiously waited for, although some with greater excitement than others.  And so we wake up today, firmly in the grasp of winter.  Although having said that it isn’t…

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And just like magic – bed number thirty appeared.

It was such a lovely spring day, and the birds were singing, the lambs were growing visibly with each feed, the sky was blue and all was right in the garden. So still without my list I wandered about aimlessly…

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Check out these whoppers

It’s not often I buy things from the produce section of the supermarket, and usually for very good reason. The other day there were some nicely packaged carrots – hinting at being gourmet, all scrubbed clean and presented beautifully.  The…

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