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As you would have read on my About page:

I discovered a love of writing about the trials and tribulations of my garden and my country life through a blogging competition organised by Yates – the most respected seed company in Australasia.  Once the competition ended I found I couldn’t stop writing so I kept on writing whenever and where ever I could, which is why you find me here on wordpress.

But then something really exciting happened.  The blogs I had written for the blogging competition have been turned into a book.  A proper one!  It’s called “The Good Life – four glorious seasons in my country garden” and is published by Harper Collins and sponsored by Yates.  Such an honour.  And if that wasn’t enough, I was asked to write a kids gardening book by New Holland Publishers and before I knew it Play in the Garden was out in the stores.

Growing Vegetables

My latest project has been released this Oct 2016 with the book Growing Vegetables, an easy guide for all seasons.  This book was was born out of a desire to set new gardeners off on the right path, as there is a lot of information out there that can become quite overwhelming.  This book is written in and easy to understand format that takes the garden through an entire year week by week, showing not only when to do tasks, but how and more importantly why.  The book encourages gardeners to grow beyond the pages as their confidence grows in the garden.  It is written with all everything a new gardener needs to know in mind, even down to the plastic cover to protect while out in the garden. This is a book to be used not read.

Starting your gardening journey with a solid foundation will set you off on the right foot for many seasons to come.

My new book

My new book – I am so super excited.

You should be able to find this book in all good book stores in New Zealand and Australia – if they don’t have it just ask.  For those overseas, you can find it on Amazon or wait until it is released in the UK in your spring.

This is some of what New Holland Publishers have to say about the book:

“Many people feel the urge to grow their own food, yet don’t know where to start. Gone are the days where this life skill is passed down through the generations. So the keen gardener is left to find their own way through a mine field of information overload. This book has been created to guide and encourage you, week by week, through your first year of growing your own vegetables. It takes growing food back to basics and explains when, how and why to do things. It has been designed with you, the gardener in mind and how you would logically work your way through the season.”

Click here to read more 


The cool thing is everyone seems to love the book.  Here are a few examples of what has been said:

The Rural:       “Her book, Growing Vegetables: An easy guide for all seasons, is full of great advice that I’m sure many an experienced gardener would love to pass on…if they weren’t so engrossed in their own crops.”  Click here to read more 

The Good Life

This is some of what HarperCollins NZ have to say about the book:

Its a proper book - with my name on the front and everything!!!

 “THE GOOD LIFE is a funny and inspiring slice-of-life gardening book, looking at the ups and downs of gardening throughout the year. The book is full of practical gardening advice, as well as delicious recipes, interwoven with the story of Sarah’s transformation from city-slicker to country girl.”

  Click here to read more 



The cool thing is everyone seems to love the book.  Here are a few examples of what has been said:

The NZ Herald      “It has to be said there’s a touch of the evangelical about O’Neil, who this week published a book about her country garden, a book called, you won’t be surprised to learn, The Good Life.  “I could talk about gardening forever,” she fizzes at one point over coffee and cake.”     Click here to read more 

The New Zealand Gardener     “This is a lovely book for any starter gardener and it’s written with verve, humour and humility”

Go Gardening      “This book is both a trove of information for anyone growing their own food, and a thoroughly entertaining read packed with humour.  Sarah’s real-life warts-and-all account will make you smile while inspiring you to get out in your garden.”

The Franklin County News      “It’s not your typical ‘how-to’ book, it’s more like ‘this is how I did it and I won’t do this part again so don’t do that’.”             Click here to read more 

Beattie’s Cookbook Blog     “The Good Life, a gorgeous slice-of-life gardening book.”     Click here to read more 

Wanganui Chronicle       “The desire to write keeps me motivated to garden so I’ll have something to blog about, and the garden is constantly inspiring me to write. They work so well together.”     Click here to read more 

Play in the Garden

This is some of what New Holland Publishers have to say about the book:

Play in the Garden 300dpi

“Kids don’t have the patience or the interest in having their own garden patch, they just want to have fun! Sarah O’Neil knows this well. Her series of clever outdoor projects will get kids outside throughout the growing season, having fun in the vegetable garden.”

Click here to read more 


The cool thing is everyone seems to love this book too and it was even in the Listener top 50 kids books for 2014 less than four months after it was first released. (Quite an achievement here in New Zealand)

Here are a few examples of what has been said:

Get Growing, The New Zealand Gardener     “We love this book…  Because it’s full of nifty and imaginative ideas to get children interested in the great outdoors.  With lots of projects, hints and tips, it’s sure to inspire a few gardening parents too.”

Go Gardening      “Her child-focused projects are liberally supplemented with sound gardening advice, so in the process of having fun with the kids, parents can be assured of a rewarding harvest”

Garden NZ      “A keen gardener, Sarah developed a series of clever projects to encourage her two young sons to experience the wonderful world of gardening, while learning all about nature at the same time.”  Click here to read more 

NZ Dads      “There is no witchcraft or other trickery here, it’s just full of very unique and practical ideas to get your kids out there helping in the great outdoors.”     Click here to read more 

The Green Living Magazine     “Her series of clever outdoor projects will get kids outside throughout the growing season, having fun in the vegetable garden”


THE GOOD LIFE was released in March 2013 in New Zealand and Australia.  Then a little later it was released in the USA so if you live there just go into any local bookseller and ask.   If they don’t have it then ask them to get it in.

Or you could order it online

In New Zealand they have it at:

Mighty Ape        Click here   

Fishpond             Click here  

 If you in Australia they have it on:

Booktopia           Click here 

 And anywhere else in the world you can get it on:

Amazon               Click here

PLAY IN THE GARDEN was released in September 2014 and is available in all good bookstores in New Zealand, however with the wonder of the internet you can purchase it for delivery to anywhere in the world by using Fishpond:

Fishpond New Zealand  Click here

Fishpond Australia  Click here

Fishpond The Rest of the World   Click here

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